Washington DC

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    Video caption: US Capitol on high alert ahead of Biden's inauguration

    In the aftermath of last week's Capitol riots, Washington DC is preparing with extreme security measures.

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    Video caption: The words lawmakers used to describe Capitol riot

    Words matter. So how did Republican and Democratic lawmakers choose to describe the chaos on Capitol Hill?

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    Video caption: Phone footage reveals chaotic scenes inside US Capitol

    When Trump supporters stormed the Capitol they took out their cameras to record the chaos inside.

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    Video caption: French President Macron condemns US attack

    French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the attack on the US Capitol building.

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    Video caption: 'Trump was wrong' says Priti Patel

    Home Secretary Priti Patel says Donald Trump was wrong for not condemning the violence in Washington DC which saw his supporters storm Congress.

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    Video caption: When a mob stormed the US capitol

    What was meant to be a day of peaceful power being transferred turned into a historic black mark.

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    Video caption: Trump protesters: 'I just want the real winner to be president'

    Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC to protest the election result. What do they want to happen?

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    Video caption: Senate debate suspended as protesters enter Capitol

    As Trump supporters entered the US Capitol building, politicians halted debate inside.

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    Video caption: US election 2020: Moment protesters storm US Capitol Building

    The US Capitol has gone into lockdown amid violent clashes between police and Trump supporters, who broke security lines and are inside the building.