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    Video caption: IVF treatment: 'Grieving for the child you can't have'

    A campaigner for NHS-funded IVF says she "reached crisis point" after discovering she was infertile.

  2. Assisted Reproductive unit reopens at Overdale site

    BBC Radio Jersey

    A clinic which helps people in Jersey who are struggling to have children has moved to a new site at Overdale Hospital.

    The Assisted Reproductive Unit, which was closed throughout the coronavirus crisis, reopens on Tuesday.

    Its old site at the general hospital was taken over to help to tackle the pandemic.

    General manager of Women, Children and Family Care, Kate Southern said: "We have developed a number of pathways for existing patients - both public and private - so they can continue to receive the care and resources they need.

    "We are also developing plans to ensure islanders receive the very best off-island support when they need specialist centres in the UK, including the provision of alternative providers."

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: IVF pause like 'rug pulled beneath you'

    A couple whose IVF treatment was delayed say struggling to start a family has been "heart-wrenching".

  4. IVF stopped in lockdown

    BBC London

    "Covid-19 is yet another obstacle in our fertility journey,"’ say some London women who are seeing their bid to become mothers halted indefinitely during the lockdown.

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  5. 'I'm scared for my motherhood dreams'

    Sian Brindlow and her husband Nick

    Some women hoping to become mothers are worried their chances may have been lost to the coronavirus, as fertility clinics around the world stop treatment.

    Among them is Sian Brindlow, 40, from West Sussex, who has been trying to have a child with her husband for 12 years.

    "I am scared all those dreams are gone," she said.

    Bans on treatment have come into effect in many countries including the UK, US and India.

    You can read her story here.