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    Video caption: Peru protests spurred by President Vizcarra's impeachment

    Riot police have use water and tear gas to repel crowds of protesters in the capital, Lima.

  2. Peru economy sinks 40% in April amid lockdown

    Peru's economy sank 40% in April on a year-on-year comparison, its worst-ever percentage drop, amid a lockdown imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19, government figures show.

    Mining makes up 60% of the country's exports, and production was drastically scaled back because of the restrictions. Full operations were allowed to resume in May, and economists believe some recovery is expected in the next few months.

    Graphic shows Peru's economic activity

    President Martin Vizcarra has called it the "most serious crisis in our history", and announced a series of measures including large infrastructure projects to restart the economy.

    Peru has reported nearly 233,000 cases and more than 6,500 deaths, the second-highest numbers in South America after Brazil.

    The country of 32 million was one of the first in the region to impose a lockdown but experts say the measures have not worked properly because large numbers of people disrespect them.

    Restrictions are being gradually lifted, but the lockdown imposed on 16 March has been extended until 30 June, making Peru's lockdown one of the longest in the world.