US mail bomb threats

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    Video caption: US mail bombs: Suspect Cesar Sayoc was "anti everything"

    Cesar Sayoc, who faces charges including threatening ex-presidents, in the words of his ex-bosses.

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    Video caption: Trump: 'We can never allow political violence to take root in America'

    President Donald Trump addressed the US mail-bombings after news of an arrest linked to the attacks.

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    Video caption: Van of mail bomb suspect covered in political stickers

    A Florida man has been arrested in connection with a mail-bomb campaign aimed at President Trump critics.

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    Video caption: New York City police discover another suspicious package

    The parcel was found in Midtown Manhattan, addressed to ex-national intelligence chief James Clapper.

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    Video caption: Donald Trump: The media needs a new 'civil tone'

    Donald Trump's been called hypocritical by some after asking the media to stop "endless hostility".

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    Video caption: A specialist truck removes a suspect package sent to Robert De Niro

    A 'total containment vehicle' was sent to move the suspected device while police investigate at the actor's New York restaurant.