Berlin Brandenburg airport

  1. I felt like a criminal, says stranded passenger in Germany

    Hanover airport: camp beds for stranded passengers from UK
    Image caption: Hanover airport: camp beds for stranded passengers from UK

    As we have already reported, dozens of passengers flying from the UK found themselves stuck at German airports overnight, after Germany imposed new coronavirus travel restrictions.

    German NTV news says 77 people had to stay overnight at Berlin Brandenburg (BER) airport and 50 at Munich airport.

    Seven passengers also tested positive on arrival at Hamburg airport, police said. All those arriving from the UK have had to go into quarantine.

    At Hanover airport, one passenger out of 62 who arrived from the UK on Sunday tested positive, and is now in isolation in a hotel, as are several flight attendants.

    The other Hanover passengers were allowed to leave, but must stay in quarantine.

    Sabrina Dinkler-Stemme described an ordeal for those who were blocked at Hanover airport.

    "I felt like a criminal. I was totally surrounded by the police. I was outside in the rain...We were all exhausted, many people were crying."

    Adam Etinson, a Canadian among those stuck at BER airport, said "they couldn't tell us when a test would arrive, with no news of what will happen to us".