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    Video caption: Pilot whales Tasmania: Rescuing whales in Australia's worst stranding

    Nearly 400 whales have died in Australia's worst stranding. Jools Farrell told the BBC how rescuers help those still alive.

  2. Race to save whales after Australia's biggest ever beaching

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    Video caption: Nearly five hundred whales have become stranded off Tasmania - with hundreds dying

    "Obviously being a several ton animal they're quite strong so there's an inherent danger with dealing with them."

  3. 90 whales die in mass stranding off Tasmania

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    Video caption: Rescue efforts are underway to free nearly two-hundred whales

    Rescue efforts are underway to free nearly two-hundred whales.

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    Video caption: Hundreds of whales stranded off the coast of Tasmania

    Scores of whales have already died as conservationists begin a huge rescue operation.

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    Video caption: 'It's cold and damp': Seeking a workmate for a historic Australian tunnel

    Mushroom grower Dean Smith says the former 19th Century railway passage is "cold and damp" but "unique".

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    Video caption: Tasmania snow: Cold snap concludes Australia's summer of extremes

    A cold snap in Tasmania adds a final chapter to Australia's summer of dramatic weather.

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    Video caption: Meteor lights up parts of Australian sky

    Video shows the moment the sky above Tasmania and Victoria was lit up by a meteor.