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    Video caption: Robert Rinder: Extra defence money could house homeless children

    The TV personality says 150,000 more homes could be built with the money being put into defence.

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    Video caption: Lilyana Markoya is living in a hotel, as she's been unable to evict her tenant

    A backlog of eviction cases in the courts, is pushing some landlords into financial difficulties.

  3. Most homes inspected in two years failed health standards

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Almost all homes in Jersey inspected by government regulators in the past two years failed to meet legal minimum health and safety standards, the environment minister has revealed.

    Deputy John Young has confirmed more than 2,900 out of more than 3,000 homes inspected did not meet safety criteria.

    The States introduced the law to make sure people's rented homes were secure, that they did not have damp or mould problems, or that there were not too many people living in one room.

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    Video caption: Planning reforms aim to making building easier, but who wins?

    Government proposals to introduce planning reforms have been met with a mixed reaction.

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    Video caption: The son of a tenant farmer makes a video, asking for help to save the family's dairy farm.