Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas

Mark Coles looks at the life of former rugby player Gareth Thomas.
The former Wales and British Lions captain, Gareth Thomas, has been headline news this week after announcing he’s living with HIV. 

In Wales, Thomas is a legend.   

In 2005, he led the national team to its first Six Nations grand slam title for 27 years…became the first Welsh player to be capped 100 times for his country.  

Mark Coles talks his friends and former colleagues.  We hear about his early days as a postman, his success on the field and how he became one of the first sporting superstars to come out as gay.   

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Gareth Thomas talks to BBC Breakfast about coming to terms with his HIV diagnosis

Former professional rugby player Gareth Thomas talks about breaking the stigma around HIV.
Former professional rugby player Gareth Thomas received an outpouring of support on social media after revealing that he is living with HIV. 

He has taken part in a documentary 'Gareth Thomas: HIV and Me' which follows him as he comes to terms with his diagnosis and takes part in a gruelling Ironman triathlon to "break the stigma" around the condition.

Gareth Thomas: Following HIV diagnosis 'I felt my life was over' (full interview)

The ex-Wales captain reflects on his HIV+ diagnosis & the reaction since he broke the news