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Valentine's Day Storm: "The roof fell on my car; I ran for my life"

Jacqui Lovett was evacuated when West Bay was hit by a deadly storm in 2014
At least a dozen storms battered the UK and Jurassic coastline throughout the winter of 2014. Several red weather warnings were issued by the met office, meaning a risk to life. The storm on 14th February resulted in extensive flooding across west Dorset. Numerous West Bay properties were damaged resulting in the emergency evacuation of dozens of residents to a nearby hotel. Harbour fishing boats were tossed like confetti on to the nearby road. Jacqui Lovett had arrived in West Bay on the Friday night after a hazardous two and a half hour journey from Yeovil. She was evacuated from her home by the army and unable to return for eight months.

Gathering gales given a name

The gales heading towards the UK tomorrow have been given a name by the Met Office, Storm Erik.

The Met Office had already posted yellow warnings for high winds for the area including Cumbria, from 12:00 tomorrow to 15:00 on Saturday.

Yellow warning map
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