UK snow

  1. Young photographer's 'amazing experience'


    Joel Osborn, who is aged 11 and lives in Stroud took this amazing picture of a kingfisher this morning.

    He said he'd been sledging earlier and had gone to look for some deer - but didn't see any.

    "But, then I caught a flash of blue in the corner of my eye as this kingfisher landed on a branch near the lake, Joel said.

    "He caught a few fish and ate them. An amazing experience."

  2. Bath shopping centre closed after 'dangerously close' collapse

    Corridor shopping centre with fallen debri

    The Corridor shopping centre in Bath was closed today after two separate roof collapses due to snow.

    Large blocks of stone were pulled from the parapets above its glass roof by a pigeon net, weighted down with snow, a local shopkeeper confirmed.

    There were two separate incidents, which he described as "very serious - they could easily have cause a fatality if they had hit someone".

    The first was this morning, when the public were in the centre. A second collapse happened at around 3.30pm, the witness said.

    But, Friday's snow meant that not many shoppers were around and no one hurt.

    Corridor shopping centre with fallen debri
    Corridor shopping centre with fallen debris
  3. BreakingHospital appealing for people with 4x4 to help transport staff

    West Berkshire Community Hospital is asking for 4x4 drivers to help transport staff to and from work.

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  4. Brave swimmers take a dip in the snow

    At least they picked a warm pool to use - the one at the Bath Thermae Spa.

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    Video caption: Swimmers in Bath brave the cold weather to take a dip in the pool at Bath Spa.
  5. Smiles and sledging

    Michael Race

    BBC South

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    Video caption: A little boy enjoys sledging in the snow in Reading

    With school cancelled, many families have been sledging on the slopes in Palmer Park, Reading.

    Two-year-old Joshua Workman has been enjoying the snow with his mum Emily, dad Steve and dog Gizmo.

    Mrs Workman said: "There's loads of snow and it's lot of fun.

    "We had quite a lot last year, but Joshua didn't really get it and we didn't have a sledge, so this year he has got it."

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    Video caption: UK Snow: 'Carnage' on Cornwall roads

    Paula Martin was stuck on the A30 at Bodmin for ten hours.