Cosmetic surgery

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    Video caption: Plastic surgery: Surgeons who target black women and use influencers for promotion

    A BBC investigation finds women suffered life changing conditions after going to Turkey for surgery.

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    Video caption: MP wants to ban girls having cosmetic Botox or fillers

    Cosmetic operations should be restricted to adults and there is cross-party support for a ban for children, says a Tory MP.

  3. Investigating The World Of Unregulated Filler

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    Video caption: Emily Brown goes undercover to investigate the world of unregulated filler.

    Emily Brown goes undercover to investigate the world of unregulated filler.

  4. What is Botox and where does it come from?

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    Video caption: Journalist Melanie Abbott shares the history of Botox.
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    Video caption: Keeping up appearances: Lockdown without botox

    Iwan Steffan says he needs cosmetic fillers and botox to help him look and feel good.

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    Video caption: Cosmetic surgery: 'I wish I didn't have it done in Turkey'

    A woman is facing reconstructive surgery after having cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

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    Video caption: How safe are breast implants?

    It's a question that's surprisingly difficult to answer

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    Video caption: How could a teenager with mental health issues have 30 cosmetic procedures without ID?

    A mother on how her 17-year-old daughter with mental health issues, was able to access cosmetic clinics and have around 30 procedures without having to prove her age.