Sarah Wollaston

Defected MPs have a disappointing night
All of the centrist MPs who recently defected from Labour and the Conservatives failed to win seats.
She tells Today her constituents are "horrified" at the Tory Party's "shift to the right"
She tells Today her constituents are "horrified" at the Tory Party's "shift to the right".

Totnes MP Sarah Wollaston calls for general election

BBC Radio Devon

Sarah Wollaston
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MP Sarah Wollaston has called for a general election, after announcing that she has joined the Liberal Democrats.

The Totnes MP left the Conservative Party in February to join Change UK, before becoming independent in June.

Ms Wollaston told BBC Radio Devon she had joined the Lib Dems to be part of a "united force in the centre ground" in the hope of preventing what she called a "catastrophic" no-deal Brexit.

The question of course is asked, 'should there be a byelection?' and my response to that would be there should be a general election. There should be an election in Totnes but it should be a general election and it should be everywhere...It's time now that we either have a people's vote on the final deal versus Remain, or that we have a general election because, if we don't have one of those two things, we're going to crash out with no deal whatsoever, and the real world consequences of that will be very serious...99.8% of the population had no say whatsoever in our current Prime Minister and he's got a majority of one. It's simply not sustainable and he should call a general election."

Sarah WollastonMember of Parliament for Totnes