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  1. Traders fear loss of business after pedestrianisation

    BBC Northampton

    Many traders are concerned about plans to pedestrianise a High Street in Northamptonshire permanently.

    Daventry High Street is closed to traffic twice a week so regular markets can be held.

    The rest of the time, it is a narrow one-way street with a small number of parking bays.

    Daventry High Street

    Some traders say it is essential that shoppers are able to park right outside stores - particularly customers who may have mobility problems or who wish to purchase large items.

    But other traders have told BBC Radio Northampton that the move might attract shoppers because they would not have to dodge the traffic.

    Daventry District Council said temporary pedestrianisation is just one of the ideas that has been discussed with the county council.

    The aim is to make the High Street safer as shops start to open up again after the coronavirus lockdown and no decision will be made without a full consultation.

  2. Business rate discounts roll out

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    A roll-out of business rate discounts has been started by Northamptonshire's district councils.

    Businesses are being given a range of financial support packages by the government during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Retail business rate discount has been increased to 100% for the 2020-21 financial year and now includes the leisure and hospitality sector, and pre-school nurseries.

  3. Dangerous bridge repairs boosted by council after ownership confusion

    James Averill

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Daventry District Council is to contribute £200,000 towards the strengthening of a dangerous bridge to take 44-tonne vehicles after confusion about who was responsible.

    The Hellidon Road Bridge, built in the 1890s over a now disused rail line in Charwelton, has been shut since June when it was discovered it was "unsafe".

    Hellidon Road Bridge

    The bridge is technically owned by Aero Research Partners who were willing to pay £150,000 for the strengthening along with the Historic Railways Estate - part of Highways England - who pledged £200,000, but the Department for Transport stopped this latter contribution and the district council stepped in.

    Councillor David James said the closure had caused considerable inconvenience to residents, visitors to the area and businesses.

    The Conservative-run council voted the £200,000 through despite criticism from Labour members who said it was an inappropriate use of local public finances.

  4. Northamptonshire: Further backing for unitary proposals

    Northampton Borough Council is the latest local authority in the county to vote to back proposals to create two new unitary authorities in Northamptonshire in 2020.

    The scheme - backed by 22 councillors, with 17 voting against - will effectively end the existence of the council and six other district councils across the country, as well as the cash-strapped Northamptonshire County Council.

    Northampton Guildhall, home of Northampton Borough Council

    The result of Wednesday's meeting means Northampton joined the county council, Wellingborough, East Northamptonshire and Kettering in backing the reorganisation, with three remaining district councils (Corby, Daventry and South Northamptonshire) to vote on it on Thursday.

    It also means the current two-tier system of government, which has been in place since 1974, is almost certain to be replaced by the one-tier unitary authorities, which would provide all services under one roof.

    The plans will now go before James Brokenshire, the minister responsible for local government.

  5. BreakingConservatives hold Daventry

    The Conservatives have retained control of Daventry District Council, despite Labour gaining two seats previously held by UKIP.

    In the new council, the Tories have 30 seats, Labour has five and the Lib Dems have one.

    Daventry District Council count
  6. Tories hold Yelvertoft and Welford

    The Conservatives have held Yelvertoft and Welford wards in the Daventry District Council elections.

    Alan Chantler has been elected in Yelvertoft with 372 votes, while Cecile Irving-Swift won with 854 votes in Welford.

  7. Daventry District Council: Tories hold more seats

    More seats have been held by the Conservatives in Daventry District Council elections.

    Rupert Frost has been elected in Woodford, with 984 votes.

    Brixworth has elected Kevin Parker, with 1,163 votes.

    Stephen Osborne has won in Long Buckby, with 949 votes, and Lesley Woolnough has been elected in Walgrave, with 431 votes.

  8. Daventry District Council: Tories hold Weedon and Moulton

    The Conservative Party has held seats in Moulton and Weedon wards in Daventry.

    Michael Warren has been elected in Moulton with 847 votes, while David Smith won in Weedon with 1,183 votes.

    The results for Moulton:

    Nicola Helen Malvina Hudson (Labour) - 299 votes

    Sarah Rose Richens (Liberal Democrats) - 120 votes

    Michael Warren (Conservatives) - 847 votes

    Kevin Peter White (Green Party) - 146 votes

    The results for Weedon:

    Callum Batchelor (Labour) - 354 votes

    Alan George Faiers (Liberal Democrats) - 246 votes

    David Smith (Conservatives) - 1,183 votes

  9. Daventry District Council: Labour gains Abbey North and Drayton

    Labour has gained Abbey North and Drayton wards in Daventry, which were both previously held by UKIP.

    The results for Abbey North:

    Nigel Victor Carr (Independent) - 112 votes

    Adam Charles Collyer (UKIP) - 73 votes

    Alan Roger Mohktar Knape (Liberal Democrats) - 312 votes

    Leslie Colin Poole (Conservatives) - 407 votes

    Aiden John Ramsey (Labour) - 599 votes

    The results for Drayton:

    Zbigniew Chetnik (Liberal Democrats) - 92 votes

    Andrew Stephen Dabbs (Labour) - 825 votes

    Timothy Wilson (Conservatives) - 492 votes

  10. Daventry District Council: Conservatives hold Abbey South and Spratton

    The Conservatives have held Spratton and Abbey South wards in Daventry.

    Sarah Peck was elected for Spratton with 921 votes, while Colin Morgan was elected for Abbey South with 819 votes.

    Daventry District Council vote

    The results for Abbey South:

    John Henry Butlin (Liberal Democrats) - 115 votes

    Lewis Clarke (Labour Party) - 670 votes

    Colin Morgan (Conservative Party) - 819 votes

    The results for Spratton:

    Pete Coles (Labour Party) - 237 votes

    Rupert Moscrop Knowles (Liberal Democrats) - 159 votes

    Sarah Peck (Conservative Party) - 931 votes

    Kathy Wicksteed(Green Party) - 79 votes

  11. Daventry District Council: Conservatives hold Hill ward

    Peter Matten has held onto Daventry's Hill ward for the Conservatives, by 28 votes.

    Mr Matten received 655 votes.

    Turnout was 28.92%

    Daventry District Council count

    The results are:

    Simon Edward Cockayne (Liberal Democrats) - 94 votes

    Peter Matten (Conservative Party) - 655 votes

    Katie Thurston (Labour Party) - 627 votes