Sheffield City Council

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2021 Labour lose to no overall control, change from 2019

Counting complete. After 29 of 29 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 13
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -8
    • Councillors overall total 41
  2. Liberal Democrat

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 9
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +3
    • Councillors overall total 29
  3. Green

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 6
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +5
    • Councillors overall total 13
  4. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 1
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 1
  5. UK Independence Party

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 0
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -1
    • Councillors overall total 0
  1. Labour and Greens to lead Sheffield Council together

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Labour and the Green Party have announced they will lead Sheffield Council together, putting an end to two weeks of speculation about how the city will be run.

    Councillors Alison Teal, Douglas Johnson, Terry Fox and Julie Grocott

    New Labour council leader Terry Fox, deputy leader Julie Grocott, Green leader Douglas Johnson and his deputy Alison Teal made the announcement together in the city's Peace Gardens, stressing they were not a coalition but a "co-operative administration".

    The Liberal Democrats will remain in opposition but will play no part in the new administration, it's been confirmed.

    The Cabinet has been retitled as the Executive and it will be politically proportionate with Labour taking seven seats and the Greens having three.

    The Lib Dems declined the offer of seats but the "door remains open," if they change their mind say the parties in charge.

    Both Labour and the Greens said they were under no illusion it would be plain sailing but were determined to work together.

    Mr Fox (pictured wearing red tie), said: "This is a very exciting day and a new way of working. All through our talks with the Greens we have tried to put Sheffield first. "

    "We hoped to have a triangular arrangement with the Lib Dems too, unfortunately that has not happened, but we have an agreement with the Greens which will give us an administration and take the city forward."

  2. Sheffield Labour group leader 'in talks' about coalition

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    The new Leader of Sheffield Labour Group says he has approached opposition parties to discuss forming a coalition.

    Sheffield Town Hall

    Terry Fox says he has requested meetings with both the Liberal Democrats and Greens after his party lost overall control of the council.

    Labour lost eight eight seats, with the Greens picking up five and the Lib Dems gaining three, to fall two short of the 43 seats needed for a ruling majority. Meanwhile the Conservatives secured their first seat since 2007 in Stocksbridge.

    The political parties will now need to forge a working partnership ahead of the council’s AGM on 19 May.

    Mr Fox, who replaced Bob Johnson after he lost his seat, said: "I have requested a sit down meeting with both the Lib Dems and the Greens to discuss going forward.

    “It’s incumbent on politicians to get an administration over the line so we can start serving the people of Sheffield and I will do everything I can to get that done by 19 May.”

  3. Sheffield referendum: Campaigners herald 'fantastic' result

    Campaigners have won an overwhelming victory to change the way Sheffield City Council is run.

    Sheffield Town Hall

    Nearly 90,000 people voted in favour of ditching the current cabinet model and moving to a committee style of governance, almost twice a many as voted to remain under the existing system.

    The referendum was triggered after campaign group It's Our City gathered a petition signed by more than 5% of the city's voters.

    Speaking after the result, Anne Barr from It's Our City said: "It's a fantastic result.

    "It's Sheffielders emphatically showing that they want change in the city, change for a better governance system."

    Describing the process as a "David and Goliath struggle", she added: "It's shown that people working together in the communities can effect powerful change. I think that is a really strong message to come out of today."

  4. Analysis: What's next for Sheffield City Council?

    James Vincent

    Political Editor BBC Look North

    With Sheffield City Council now under no overall control following Thursday's elections, things may be about to get very interesting. Who teams up to run the council now?

    Sheffield Town Hall

    Sheffield's new lone Conservative councillor Lewis Chinchen may find himself very popular indeed.

    The Lib Dems and Greens together can only get to 42 councillors - one short of a majority.

    Labour are only on 41 councillors at the moment. They need one councillor on their side to deny others a majority.

    Now there are a few combinations of parties that would get a coalition over the majority line.

    Keep your phone on, Councillor Chinchen!

  5. Analysis: Sheffield Council now under no overall control

    James Vincent

    Political Editor BBC Look North

    Sheffield is no longer ruled by one single party after the Labour Party lost a number of seats. BBC political editor James Vincent explains:

    Sheffield counting

    We knew Labour needed to lose seven seats to lose overall control of Sheffield Council. Not many thought it was that likely. It just happened and more - they lost eight.

    The council leader Bob Johnson has lost his seat in Hillsborough - he only got the job in January.

    They've lost seats to the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and for the first time in years there is now a Conservative councillor on Sheffield City Council.

    There is also a referendum to be counted on Monday about how the council is run.

    With a smaller majority, setting up new committees to make decisions might get messy.

  6. Labour loses control of Sheffield and Rossendale

    Labour has lost control of Sheffield City Council, which is now under "no overall control".

    The Green Party took five seats off Labour, while the Liberal Democrats won three.

    Labour has also lost control of Rossendale council, ceding three seats to the Conservatives.

  7. BreakingLabour loses control of Sheffield City Council

    Sheffield City Council is no longer in the hands of a single political party.

    It comes after Labour lost seven seats which means no one party has a majority.

    Earlier council leader Labour's Bob Johnson lost his seat to the Green Party.

    More on this shortly...

  8. Reaction: Labour dealt a major blow in Sheffield

    James Vincent

    Political Editor BBC Look North

    Labour are getting close to losing control in Sheffield.

    At the start of the day seven losses would have seen them lose their majority - and they're getting close to that.

    The council leader Bob Johnson has lost his seat in Hillsborough - he only got the job in January.

    They've lost seats to the Lib Dems, the Greens and for the first time in 20 years - there is now a Conservative councillor on Sheffield City Council.

  9. Sheffield council leader loses seat

    Big news coming out of Sheffield at the moment.

    Sheffield City Council leader Bob Johnson has lost his Hillsborough seat to the Green Party.

    Sheffield City Council

    The Labour man was named leader of the council in December 2020, taking over the following month.

    He has been a councillor in Hillsborough since 2011.

    Christine Kubo gained 2,337 votes with Mr Johnson coming second with 2,013. The turnout was 38.7%, the council said.

  10. Watch: Timelapse shows votes counted in Sheffield

    Tom Ingall

    Journalist, BBC Look North

    This is the scene in Sheffield as votes continue to be counted in the 2021 local elections.

    The count is taking place at the English Institute of Sport in the city, which has seen its fair share of races being won on the track.

    The latest results from the counting floor are:

    • Green Party win Gleadless Valley with 2,480, Labour lose the seat with 1,955
    • Liberal Democrats win West Ecclesfield with 1,752, Labour lose the seat with 1,361

    Labour have made four losses so far - two each to the Green Party and Liberal Democrats.

    Video content

    Video caption: Timelapse footage shows work under way counting votes in Sheffield's 2021 local elections.
  11. Seats up for grabs in Sheffield local election

    Liz Roberts

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio Sheffield

    In Sheffield, a third of seats are up for election, as well as an extra seat in Richmond ward left by the death of long-standing councillor Peter Rippon.

    Sheffield town hall

    There are 84 councillors in Sheffield altogether, so a third of those plus one, make 29 councillors being elected this year across the city.

    In total, 43 seats are needed for a majority, with Labour currently holding 45 seats.

    For the past decade, Labour has had control in Sheffield, but things have been getting closer.

    Here are a couple of the latest results:

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  12. First results from Sheffield

    Just when you thought it was safe to make yourself a cup of tea, the first results start coming in from Sheffield.

    View more on twitter
    View more on twitter

    The city is one to watch this afternoon, according to BBC political editor James Vincent. If Labour loses three council seats there it loses overall control.

    He explains: "With a referendum on how the council makes decisions to be counted on Monday - that might be really, really important for how things get done in Sheffield.

    "If Sheffield Council has no party with a majority and a new system of governance to set up - things could be messy."

  13. Local elections: Results due back today

    The results for a number of local elections that took place yesterday are due back later.

    A ballot box

    Counting is under way across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for the local elections, the mayoral elections and the police and crime commissioner elections, with BBC reporters at many counts.

    We're expecting declarations at the following council counts today:

    The North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner result is also expected back this afternoon.

  14. All Sheffield postal votes should have arrived says council

    All requested postal votes in Sheffield should have landed on doorsteps, despite an earlier delay at the printers for some ballots, says Sheffield Council.

    Polling Station generic images

    Kate Josephs, returning officer for Sheffield said: "If anyone hasn’t received theirs, please get in touch with us at"

    Ms Josephs also reminded voters that postal ballot papers can be hand delivered to the Town Hall or at voters' local polling station by 22:00 on Thursday - election day.

    The delay discovered last month had affected about 15,000 voters whose postal votes were delayed due to a printing error.

  15. Local elections: Postal votes 'arrive' after printing error

    About 15,000 postal votes have finally arrived with voters after a printing error delayed them being sent out.

    A person with voting slips

    Ahead of the local elections on Thursday, Sheffield City Council said a batch of voting packs hadn't been delivered to residents on time.

    It prompted a plea from the council to return postal votes to them as soon as possible to ensure their vote was counted.

    Council CEO Kate Josephs said it was believed postal votes had arrived with people today.

    “Please complete your postal vote as soon as possible," she said. "You have until Wednesday to return your vote by post."

    People who were expecting postal votes but have yet to receive one for the local elections on Thursday is asked to get in touch with the council's election team.

    Ms Josephs said voters can return ballot papers:

    • By post
    • At Sheffield Town Hall before or on polling day
    • At polling stations on election day