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Almost 200 street trees saved after being re-inspected

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Almost 200 Sheffield trees which were due to be felled have been saved after being reassessed, prompting campaigners to say "we told you so".

A felled tree
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A survey of 309 street trees found 191 could be retained on a longer term basis, a new report reveals.

Sheffield Tree Action Groups said it was "great news but no surprise" that almost two-thirds of those trees could be saved.

The council said a further 26 trees require "bespoke solutions" but could be kept, one tree will be removed and replaces, and a further 91 trees are still to be investigated.

More parents choosing to home school their children

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The number of children being home schooled in Sheffield has more than doubled in the past six years, it's emerged.

A person marking homework
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Councillor Mohammed Mahroof asked for the figures at a full council meeting and said numbers had gone up almost to the size of a small secondary or a large primary school

He said: “People are getting concerned, quite rightly. I think it’s increasing because some people aren’t getting their child into the schools they want to because for the catchment they are in, the schools are full.

Councillor Mahroof said the national average increase in home schooling was 40%, compared to 100% in Sheffield.

Sheffield council decision-making under scrutiny

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The way Sheffield City Council makes its decisions is due to be examined by councillors later.

Sheffield Town Hall
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A campaign group called It's Our City says the current strong leader and cabinet system is undemocratic and doesn't give councillors enough say about how things are run.

The group wants to see a committee system which gives the opposition more say on decision-making.

Its members are getting close to having enough signatures on their petition to force a city-wide referendum on the issue.

But they want the council to act before then, so today their petition will be on the agenda at the full council meeting.

However, council leader Julie Dore said: “It is absolutely, categorically untrue that only cabinet have control over decisions."

Book charity gives away bedtime reads in Sheffield

A national charity has been in Sheffield today as it aims to give every child a book.

A mum, child and a bear
Sheffield City Council

The annual Pyjamarama Bookstart event encourages parents and their children to read at bedtime to help improve literacy levels nationally.

A woman reads a book to a child
Sheffield City Council

The BookTrust event, which took place in the city's Winter Garden, saw under-fives get a free book and take part in group reading activities.

Council calls for pavement parking powers

More powers are needed to stop people from parking on pavements, according to Sheffield City Council.

Parking on a pavement

When people park on pavements it causes hazards for pedestrians with pushchairs and disabilities, the authority says.

But it says local authorities can currently only issue fines where cars are blocking footpaths next to roads where there are parking restrictions already in place.

Otherwise it falls to the police to follow up on complaints.

Local elections: Sheffield result mirrors national picture

The Labour Party has kept control of Sheffield Council after winning 13 of the 28 seats available in Thursday's local elections - three fewer than they won the last time seats were up for election in 2016.


The Sheffield result reflects the national picture as the Liberal Democrats have made gains winning 11 seats, the Green Party won four seats and UKIP didn't win any.

Nationally, the Conservatives have lost over 500 councillors, while Labour have also seen dozens of losses and both the Lib Dems and Greens have made gains.

Including the seats not up for election this year, the council is made up as a whole of 49 Labour councillors, 26 Lib Dem councillors, eight Green councillors and one UKIP councillor.