Row as cricket star bans daughters from playing outdoor sports

Backlash in Pakistan after Afridi says he won't allow daughters to play outdoor games
The former captain of the Pakistani cricket team, Shahid Afridi, has sparked controversy by saying he has banned his daughters from outdoors games- and he doesn't care what feminists say. His comments were taken from his autobiography published on Friday. Pakistani writer and columnist, Bina Shah, reacts to his remarks.

(Picture: Former Pakistani cricket captain Shahid Afridi presenting his autobiography at a press conference in Karachi Credit: EPA)

Being 17 ... in Pakistan

Maikan aims to be a footballer. She says all the girls in her team support one another.
Maikan goes to school and studies hard, but her dream is to play football, something she says girls were once forbidden from doing. Being 17 … looks at the lives of 17-year-olds in twelve countries around the world – their hopes, dreams and frustrations – what they have in common, and why they re all different.

Photo: Teenager Maikan from Pakistan Credit: BBC