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The Black Feminist Bookmobile

Meet the women bringing black, feminist literature to the masses
Public libraries around the world are under pressure. They can fall victim to spending cuts and can be difficult to get to if you live in a rural area. Some people say they only offer a narrow range of material. 
A small group of African-American women in Durham, North Carolina, is trying to change that. They are close to raising enough money to buy and renovate an old school bus to start running a mobile library, offering a range of black, feminist literature to communities. 
Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Sangodare Akinwale, two of the three co-founders of the Black Feminist Bookmobile, have been telling the BBC about their project.

Image: Sangodare Akinwale, Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Courtney Reid-Eaton, founders of the Black Feminist Bookmobile. Credit: Alexis Pauline Gumbs

The Noisy Page

Who are the noisiest writers? Cathy FitzGerald listens in on fictional soundscapes.
Imagine putting your ear to Great Expectations like a shell - and hearing it whisper to you. Not the text itself, but a distillation of its sound-world - a beetle running across Miss Havisham's wedding table, the claustrophobic atmosphere of Satis House, the clink of Joe Gargery's hammer in the forge - everything you'd hear if you could walk through the pages of the book, mixed together to create "essence-of-Dickens".

Multi-award-winning documentary-maker Cathy FitzGerald listens in on fictional soundscapes by Edgar Allan Poe, Richard Wright, Virginia Woolf and more. She hears how the relationship between sound and literature has become a fashionable academic topic of late and imagines what a visit to a library of these noisy novels might be like. 

With contributions from musician and author David Toop, writer Zoe Gilbert and academics Anna Snaith (Kings College, London) and Jennifer Lynn Stoever (Binghampton University). We also hear from poets Michelle Penn and Rishi Dastidar, hard at work in the Department of Onomatopoetics. 

Presenter and Producer: Cathy FitzGerald
A White Stiletto production for BBC Radio 4