Domestic abuse

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    Video caption: How the rAInbow AI chatbot is tackling domestic abuse

    The rAInbow chatbot learns people's behaviour to help detect whether users are in an abusive relationship.

  2. Police welcome jail term for man, 23, who coerced partner

    Police have welcome the prison sentence handed down today to a Penrith man who coerced, controlled and assaulted his partner.

    Kyle Pelham

    Carlisle Crown Court heard how Kyle Pelham, 23, had made his partner's life "a misery", controlling every aspect of her behaviour and assaulting her even when she was heavily pregnant.

    Det Con James Bowness, who lead the investigation, said: “I am pleased with the sentence given today.

    “Even during interview, Pelham tried to control the interview, claiming the victim was making up the allegation and claiming the injustice to himself."

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    Video caption: Domestic abuse: ‘Tech allowed him to track my location’

    Two survivors of domestic abuse explain how technology was used by an abusive partner against them.

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    Video caption: Mark Fletcher has said he’s spent his “entire life terrified of overtly aggressive men”.

    MP Mark Fletcher has said he’s spent his “entire life terrified of overtly aggressive men”.

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    Video caption: Witness protection: 'Till my husband dies, this will be our life'

    A mother living under police protection says she has to avoid people taking pictures on their phones.

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    Video caption: Birmingham charity helps women stay away from crime

    A woman has been helped by a Birmingham charity after being forced into crime by her abusive partner.

  7. More than 100 people have been supported to leave abusive homes in Copeland during the pandemic

    domestic abuse

    A total of 112 men, women and children have been supported to leave abusive homes in Copeland during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the borough council.

    In all, 53 women, three men and 56 children have been supported by the Council’s Prevention and Crisis Support officer from April to September.

    The council says it saw a 30% increase in referrals to its domestic abuse support service during the lockdown period (April to June), in comparison to the three months before the pandemic.

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    Video caption: ‘Emily’ and ‘Alex’ face a key test at the Child Protection Conference
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    Video caption: ‘Alex’ says he wants to make things right after a fight with ‘Emily’
  10. Episode 8: “When you’ve got a child it changes everything”

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    Video caption: ‘Alex’ says he’s been on a big learning curve
  11. Episode 7: On a scale of 1-10, how safe is ‘Harry’?

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    Video caption: Social workers are asked to rate safety of baby ‘Harry’
  12. Episode 3: ‘Emily’: recognising domestic abuse

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    Video caption: ‘Emily’ is helped to recognise domestic abuse and keep herself and her baby safe
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    Video caption: A fight between ‘Emily’ and ‘Alex’ at a social work office causes concern
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    Video caption: A visit to ‘Alex’ and ‘Emily’ raises concerns for the social workers