In front of the camera - panel discussion

Gareth Ford Williams

Head of Accessibility, BBC Design and Engineering

Gareth Ford Williams leads a conversation about access and inclusivity in the arts, with actors Melissa Johns, Cherylee Houston and Natalie Amber.

...if we can change what we view on our screens, we can change how we're treated by society.

Cherylee Houston
Gareth Ford Williams chats to three actors about access and inclusivity in the arts.

Genie: Accessible games for everyone - Graham Densham

Graham Densham

Business Analyst, BBC Children's Games

Graham Densham from Children's Games presents their new, open, games platform: Genie.

Be My Guest: Inclusive design with a little help from my friends - Henny Swan

Henny Swan

Director Of User Experience, The Paciello Group

Henny Swan from TPG shares what she's learned from others along her inclusive UX journey.

How Big Should Subtitles Be? - Nigel Megitt and Edmund White

Nigel Megitt & Edmund White

Executive Product Manager, BBC Access Services, and User Experience Designer, AV Key Experience

Nigel Megitt and Edmund White report on research into subtitle sizing.

Behind the camera - panel discussion

Paul Bepey

Assistive Technology Manager, BBC, and chair of BBC Ability, a staff network

Paul Bepey leads a discussion on ideas and assistive technology that improve work inclusivity behind the camera and around media production, with journalist Sean Dilley, Disability Lead Allan MacKillop, Helen de Bretton of Microlink, and Leanne Newell of Keytools.

Accessibility isn't a conversation that should only happen once a year. Keep the #BBCAAD19 hashtag going.

Paul Bepey chairs a discussion on ideas and technology that improve work inclusivity.

Exploring Barriers in VR - Jamie Knight + Lion

Jamie Knight

Senior Research Engineer, BBC UX&D Accessibility

It could have been Lion that asked the question in the first place.

Gareth Ford Williams
Jamie Knight + Lion share the latest on their research on access barriers to VR.

BBC Access Services - Richard Kurzik

Richard Kurzik

Senior Service Manager, BBC Access Services

Richard Kurzik explains BBC Access Services and the Subtitles Time Machine.

Neurodiverse Workplace Design - Sean Gilroy

Sean Gilroy

UX Principal for Cognitive Design, BBC UX&D

Sean Gilroy from BBC CAPE shares the latest in workplace design for neurodiverse staff.

Keynote: Allan MacKillop

Allan MacKillop

Disability Lead, BBC Diversity & Inclusion

Allan MacKillop, BBC Diversity & Inclusion Disability Lead, delivers the keynote speech.

Don't forget to add your story, wishes and ideas to the conversation at #BBCAAD19.

BBC for Everyone is a new film premiered as part of Allan's keynote.

BBC for Everyone introduces why accessibility and inclusive design matter to the BBC.