Oregon Republican lawmakers hiding out from police in Idaho
The senate walkout was caused by a controversial climate bill that aims to lower the state's carbon emissions.

Young bear's tragic end in Oregon

Grief on social media for a young, wild bear conditioned to expect food from humans
Hikers in Oregon on the west coast of the US had grown accustomed to coming across a friendly young black bear - who would come up to them for food, and patiently wait while they took selfies. But park rangers, worried about the hikers' safety, decided to act. They shot him. 

Well, that decision has outraged some hikers and animal-lovers online but wildlife officials near Portland, say they had no choice. Newsday heard from Nadine Drisseq who works with an information group called Bear Smart Washington.

(Pic: Young black bear; Credit: Washington County Sheriff's Office)
US passenger train stuck in snow for nearly 40 hours
The service carrying 183 passengers was stopped by a tree on the track in the state of Oregon.