1. Biden projected to win Colorado

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    Democrat Joe Biden is projected to win Colorado. It’s a swing state and key election battleground. It was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, and twice by Barack Obama, after a period of nearly 40 years when it voted mostly Republican.

    And a quick reminder of what we mean when we say projections. Ongoing ballot counts are being used to predict - or project - the winner of each state and the nationwide vote. A state will not be projected as being won by a candidate, however, until enough data has been collected to declare a clear winner. That includes months of polling, exit polls on the day and some of the actual votes counted.

    This year the BBC gets its data from polling firm Edison Research who do the field work for the exit polls and work with US networks in the National Election Pool.

  2. Fox News reports first Senate seat flip of the night

    The first live televised US Senate debate Democratic former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper against Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner took place at Denver7 studio in Denver, Colorado on Friday
    Image caption: Fox News has projected that John Hickenlooper has won the US Senate race in Colorado

    Fox News is projecting that Democrat John Hickenlooper has unseated Republican incumbent Cory Gardner for US Senate.

    The Colorado race marks the first flip of a Senate seat: Republican to Democrat.

    Hickenlooper was Colorado's governor from 2011 to 2019, and mounted a brief bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

    This Senate race matters. Republicans hold a thin three-seat advantage in the chamber, and there are 35 seats up for election tonight. A win in Colorado brings the Democrats one step closer to flipping the Senate.

    We have more about the key Senate races to watch.

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    Video caption: Colorado fires: 'It's devastating... watching my community burn'

    The Colorado wildfires have forced teacher CarrieAnn Fain to leave behind her dream home.

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    Video caption: Colorado battles a record-breaking wildfire

    The Cameron Peak wildfire has become the largest fire in state history, burning over 200,000 acres.

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    Video caption: Colorado wildfire: Huge smoke plumes from Cameron Peak Fire, largest in state history

    More than 164,000 acres of the US state has burned since the Cameron Peak Fire ignited in August.

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    In a matter of a day, the US state has experience a wild weather swing from record-shattering heat to cold and snow conditions. Darren Bett explains.

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    Video caption: Teachers express concern about US schools reopening

    President Trump's press secretary said it was safe to reopen and that "the child will always come first".

  9. Footballer: why I joined the George Floyd protests

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    Video caption: "I'm so grateful to every other race that has stood with us because it's given us a voice"

    "If we do play it's not enough to say 'this is for Floyd'. This is for all of us who want a better future"