3D printing

Is this house really zombie-proof?
This house is so well insulated it only needs solar power to heat it, and can even hide you from zombies.
Israeli scientists ‘print 3D heart using human tissue’
Israeli scientists say they have created the world’s first 3D-printed heart using human tissue.
3D printing: 'You can make any product in any location'
A US tech firm is using 3D printing to mass produce metal parts more quickly than ever before.
Nera: The 3D-printed electric motorbike
The bike, made by BigRep, took three days to print and cost about £2,000 ($2,600) to produce.
Togolese innovators tackle e-waste with 3D printers and robots
Togolese inventors learnt online how to turn e-waste into 3D printers and from there, into robots.
Archaeopteryx: Controversial history of the 'first bird'
London's Natural History Museum resorts to a laser scanning technique to further sooth an old sore.