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Police to get more Government funding

Minister announces a boost in funding for police in England and Wales.
Police forces in England and Wales are to get extra Government funding in recognition of the "real pressures" they are facing.   
Local police and crime commissioners are to be allowed to raise additional funding through local taxes. 
Labour says that decision is "perverse and unfair" and overall funding is not enough. Simon Jones reports.
And you can hear more from Today in Parliament on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30pm.

Why no-one can see the full Clare's Law picture

We've been looking at Clare's Law and how some women react to being offered information showing their partner has a violent past.

The law was introduced after the murder of Clare Wood - who was murdered by a man with a history of violence.

Through a number of Freedom of Information requests we've found out police forces don't have a common way of recording applications for information.

What they include, or leave out, varies, making it very hard to spot a pattern.