Avon Fire and Rescue Service

  1. Reports of 'multiple casualties' at the scene

    Avon Fire and Rescue Service has told the BBC there have been "multiple casualties" although they couldn’t say exactly how many.

    They also confirmed the explosion was at a "water waste treatment works in Avonmouth".

  2. Fire service confirms six crews at scene of blast

    A statement from Avon Fire and Rescue said:

    "We have been called to a large explosion at 11:22 in a warehouse in Avonmouth on Kings Weston Lane.

    "Crews from Avonmouth, Southmead, Yate, Patchway, Kingswood and Temple are currently attending.

    "We are joined by Avon and Somerset Police and Ambulance on site.

    "The incident is ongoing."

  3. Latest pictures from the scene

    Emergency services are currently near the Avonmouth warehouse following an explosion.Here are the latest pictures from the scene.

    Police car at the scene
    Fire at the scene
    The plant at Avonmouth
    Fire crews at the scene
  4. Fire crews battled flames at Bristol home

    Fire in Ambrose Road, Bristol.

    A fire at a home in Ambrose Road, Bristol, has been put out.

    Crews from Temple Meads, Bedminster, Southmead, Avonmouth, Kingswood, Bath and Hicks Gate were called to the property at 8.22am.

    Around 15-20 residents evacuated their properties during the fire, with everyone accounted for.

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    The fire was in the roof of the home and spread to a neighbouring property.

    The cause of the fire is still unknown.

  5. Ambulance crew's clap for carers is cut short by call-out

    Steve Mather

    Digital Journalist

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    For the past four weeks, Thursday evenings have become a huge show of appreciation for the work of health professionals and key workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

    'Clap for our carers' has provided uplifting and emotional scenes all over the country, with the nation showing its gratitude to those who are always ready to respond to an emergency, whenever the call comes.

    A perfect example of this came on Thursday when Yate firefighters were joined by police and ambulance staff to show their support for the NHS - only for the paramedics to be called away on an emergency call shortly after the clapping began.

  6. Fire services warning over sky lanterns

    Fire services in our region are warning people not to release sky lanterns after a campaign was launched to encourage the public to light them in a show of solidarity for NHS workers.

    Fire chiefs say it should be discouraged, because emergency services are currently under increased pressure due to COVID-19.

    They say the lantens are highly flammable, and at a time when wildfires are likely to be on the increase due to the weather conditions, they should not be lit.

    Yeovil fire station, Avon Fire and Rescue and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire service are among several bodies to warn people of the dangers.

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  7. Fire service pleads for arson to stop

    Avon Fire and Rescue vehicle

    Avon Fire & Rescue Service says it has been called to many deliberate fires since the coronavirus restrictions began, draining resources.

    Since the government's stay-at-home directive on 23 March, crews have been called out to 58 deliberately-started fires.

    Simon Shilton, assistant chief fire officer for AF&RS, said: “It is so disappointing to see that at a time when we all need to be coming together to support one another we still have people committing crimes and ruining our local communities.

    “We often attend fires that are started deliberately that present significant risks, not only to those that start them and are around the area but to the crews that are sent to tackle them.

    “Now more than ever we would urge people to not start a fire intentionally as it could have severe consequences. Not only is it a crime that can carry a significant sentence, but our crews would potentially be unable to get to another emergency."