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Trump continues Biden attack ads on Facebook

By James Clayton
North America technology reporter

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The Trump campaign on Monday ran a series of attack ads against Joe Biden.

One accused the Democrats of "blatant corruption".

Another said: "Sleepy Joe allowed his campaign to be taken over by the EXTREME RADICAL LEFT".

Biden's team has been removing attack ads since Mr Trump went into hospital.

The Democrats don't want to be seen running personal attacks on a sick President.

But this is not a ceasefire. Trump's team has continued to run attack ads.

image captionAttack ad that started running on Monday

One Facebook advert released on Monday said that Biden would "stand by" and let mobs "cause absolute mayhem".

Another which ran on Sunday accused Joe Biden of making it "difficult for black people".

image captionTrump advert which ran on Sunday

Another appeared to mock technical difficulties during a Biden live streaming event.

image captionAttack ad that started running on Monday

This is despite the Trump campaign on Saturday criticising the Biden campaign for not taking down the attack ads quicker.

"Despite pledging to stop his negative advertising, nearly 100 negative Biden ads slandering the president and lying about his record have aired today while the president is at Walter Reed," a Trump spokesman told Fox News on Saturday.

Biden's team responded by saying it was difficult to remove some of the ads immediately.

Almost all of Biden's Facebook ads live right now are related to getting out the vote.

image captionA Biden "get out the vote" ad

Some of the attack ads were paid for by the "Trump Make America Great Again Committee" which is run by both the Republican National Committee and his campaign.

Others were paid for by "Donald J Trump for President, Inc".

The refusal to stop running attack ads puts the Democrats in a difficult position.

The Biden campaign national press secretary has already said it is "inappropriate to use the president's illness to score political points".

But Trump may well have symptoms of the illness for days - potentially even weeks - to come.

Subdue attacks

And with the election just four weeks away, that could tie Biden's hands - forcing him to subdue his attacks on Facebook.

Republican analysts believe Trump's use of targeted negative ads on Facebook helped the campaign in 2016.

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