Samsung reveals 60% of 'unsafe' Galaxy Notes exchanged

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Image caption The Note 7 launched to great fanfare in August

A global recall of Galaxy Note 7 phones has seen 60% of owners following Samsung's advice and exchanging them.

Reports emerged in late summer in the US and South Korea of the phone exploding during or after charging.

On 2 September, Samsung issued a global recall, saying it had been difficult to work out which phones were affected among the 2.5 million Note 7s sold.

Samsung said 90% of those swapping had chosen to replace their device with an updated version of the same model.

Proportion of recalled Note 7 phones exchanged

  • Europe: 57%
  • US: 60%
  • South Korea: 60%
  • Singapore: 80%

Samsung said it had worked with its suppliers to ensure the replacement devices followed the "highest quality manufacturing and quality assurance processes".

The device is due to go back on sale from 28 October, but that date is subject to a full completion of the exchange programme.

Image copyright Ariel Gonzalez
Image caption The devices were recalled after a small number of reports around the world of the batteries exploding

Meanwhile, a software update for all existing Note 7 devices has reset the maximum battery charge to 60% as a precaution.

David Lowes, chief marketing officer for Samsung Electronics Europe, said: "Our message of safety first is getting through to Galaxy Note 7 owners, who are doing the right thing by exchanging for a new device quickly and safely.

"We have worked hard to bring replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones to Europe so we can ensure the safety of our customers and minimise their inconvenience."

"For our remaining customers, we urge them to act now, exchange the device and get a brand new Galaxy Note 7 today."

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