Tomorrow's cities: How the Venus Project is redesigning the future

Is it possible to create a radically different society? One where material possessions are unnecessary, where buildings are created in factories, where mundane jobs are automated?

Would you want to live in a city where the main aim of daily life is to improve personal knowledge, enjoy hobbies, or solve problems that could be common to all people in order to improve the standard of living for everyone?

Some may think it is idealistic, but 97-year old architect Jacque Fresco is convinced his vision of the future is far better than how we live today.

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Audio by Jane Wakefield. Music by KPM Music and the Stereophonics.

Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 26 August 2013.


Tomorrow's cities: The city of 2050

Tomorrow's cities: Do you want to live in a smart city?

The Venus Project

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