Few vote on Facebook data changes

Facebook on a monitor
Image caption Users were given a week to comment on the proposed changes

A poll on sweeping changes to how Facebook is governed has ended with only 660,000 of the social network's one billion plus users voting.

That works out at about 0.06% and falls far short of the 30% of users needed to force a rethink.

Of those who voted, nearly 90% were against the changes.

Facebook wants to increase data-sharing between services, relax rules on who can message users as well as scrapping the voting system.

It has promised to introduce new ways to allow users to offer feedback on how the site is governed, including a forum on its website.

Privacy groups, which have opposed to the changes, have called for the setting up of a user council.

In a post on the official Facebook Site Governance page the firm said: "We will be announcing the results and the next steps regarding the governance process shortly."

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