Google TVs get gaming service via LG deal

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Games such as Sleeping Dogs are available via OnLive

The OnLive gaming service is to be made available to Google TV users, following a deal with electronics firm LG.

One of a handful of firms making hardware for Google TV. LG's G2 series sets have Google's TV service built in.

Rather than using a dedicated device, OnLive's cloud-based gaming service relies on fast net links to let people play popular video games on demand.

People using Google TV via an LG set will get OnLive via an update and it will be standard on all future devices.

The deal was unveiled after Google itself revealed a broader update for its TV service. This added voice searching and updated other applications to make it easier to find programmes.

To be able to play games users will also need to buy a wireless controller that, in the US, costs about $50 (£31). A demonstration of the gaming service running on Google TV was first given at the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles in June.

Games available via OnLive include Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders II and Civilisation V. Rather than use disks or downloads, OnLive streams game data to users as they play.

OnLive was embroiled in controversy earlier this year when its founder, Steve Perlman, sold the firm's assets to a venture capital firm for $5m (£3m). The deal meant early investors in OnLive got almost nothing and it also wiped out any return for employees from staff share deals. Mr Perlman left the company soon after.

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