BBC replacing Flash with its own media player

image captionThe BBC said that Android remained a very important platform

The BBC is launching a new media player for those who watch its catch-up service iPlayer on Android phones and tablets.

It has previously used Adobe Flash to stream content to Android devices. But Adobe has decided to remove its Flash player plug-in for Android.

The BBC would release the Media Player for iPlayer on Android next week, it said in a blog post.

It has already started using it with the mobile view of the iPlayer website.

"We want people to have the best experience possible when they're watching BBC TV programmes or listening to BBC radio programmes. This means, amongst other things, making them available on as many devices as is practical," said Chris Yanda, executive product manager at BBC Future Media.

He said the decision to go with a "separate application" was down to the "fast-changing environment" of mobile development.

"We are making this change with our eyes open. No technology is perfect," he added.

The BBC has supported iPlayer on Android since June 2010.

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