Maker Faire hobbyists unveil giant games in Manchester

Giant Kerplunk
Image caption The Maker Faire gives inventors a chance to show off what they have made

Giant versions of well known games such as Kerplunk, Operation and Connect 4 all feature at a celebration of home hackery in Manchester.

The city's Museum of Science and Industry is playing host to a two-day Mini Maker Faire.

Amateur hardware hackers, makers and other tinkerers will show off their creations at the event.

Also on show will be a chandelier made of lost earrings, a musical milk float and a home-made volcano.

Game on

The first three UK Maker Faire events were staged in Newcastle but this year the event has moved to Manchester.

The Faire brings gives together people who have a passionate interest in turning out their own gadgets or have used electronics to turn everyday, or discarded, objects into something more usable.

"Maker Faires celebrate the human spirit of inquisitiveness, creativity and ingenuity and aim to inspire others to try and make their own creations," said organiser John Beckerson.

While most Faires are testament to the diverse interests of the exhibitors, a mini-theme has emerged at the Manchester Maker Faire as several of those attending are showing off giant-size versions of well-known family games.

Visitors to the Faire will be able to see a dress shop mannequin that has been converted into a full-size version of Operation.

Also on show will be a version of Kerplunk that stands almost two metres (6ft 6in) high.

In addition, attendees will get a chance to play a huge version of the Connect 4 game made using counters made of recycled polystyrene.

Maker Faires originated in the US and are an outgrowth of the success of the Make magazine which writes about amateur hardware hackers and gives advice about DIY electronics and craft projects.

The BBC news website will have a full report on the event next week.

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