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Zynga's chief technology officer sets out its long-term game plan

By Leo Kelion
Technology reporter

image captionZynga's upcoming Farmville 2 is the sequel to the firm's most popular game which once attracted more than 82 million users in one month

The social video game firm Zynga poses a dilemma. On the one hand its titles are some of the most popular on Facebook and app stores.

It says it attracts 182 million unique players every month - all of them potential customers for its virtual goods.

On the other it is a loss-making developer with huge ambitions but a questionable future, in part because its fortunes are so closely tied to Facebook.

These doubts are reflected in its stock, which is currently more than 40% below its flotation price.

To discuss the San Francisco-based company's future the BBC spoke to Cadir Lee, Zynga's chief technology officer:

image captionCadir Lee is responsible for developing Zynga's technology platform
image captionZynga bought Words With Friends developer Newtoy in 2010
image captionZynga is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Canada, China, Japan and Europe
image captionZynga's casino-themed games have helped position it for a potential relaxation of US online gambling laws
image captionZynga pays Facebook a 30% cut of all credits sold through the social network

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