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Minecraft makers show off Scrolls project

image captionScrolls, collectible cards, will determine which powers you bring to play in the game

Minecraft creators Mojang have unveiled more details of the next game it will be releasing, Scrolls.

The game's scrolls are collectible cards that give players access to heroes, creatures and powers they use to defeat an opponent.

The game is based around a board, with players winning if they destroy three of an opponents idols first.

No release date has been given for Scrolls, but Mojang will soon start testing with a small number of players.

More information about Scrolls was given on its website that has been populated with a game play video, screenshots and text explaining what the game was about.

Scrolls would take the "genre of collectible card games to a whole new level" by putting it online, involving auction houses and tournament play, said Mojang.

The heroes, spells, artefacts and structures help defend a player's five idols. The cards a player uses also help damage an opponents idols.

The destroying is done with creatures, heroes, siege weapons, structures or enchantments that a player has access to via his collection of scrolls or cards.

Writing on the Scroll website Jakob Porser, lead developer on the game, said Mojang was getting close to running a "closed Alpha" test. This would let a small number of players get at Scrolls and test out some of its early code.

Mr Porser said as with Mojang's hugely successful Minecraft, Scrolls would be released unfinished for a low price to get people playing with it and helping to guide what it became.

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