3G mobile data network crowd-sourcing survey by BBC News

In July, the BBC asked people to join a survey of the UK's mobile phone coverage by downloading an app for Android phones.

During three weeks over the summer, 44,600 people allowed their mobile coverage to be tracked for our 3G survey.

3G 2G No coverage No data


Our Android app collected 1.7 million hours of data from 44,600 people across the UK.

Enter your postcode to see the results where you live:

About the data

The data displayed on the map was collected by people who chose to participate in our survey by downloading the app to their phone. The data only provides a snapshot of the mobile coverage experienced by this self-selecting group over a short period. The BBC has not attempted to balance the participants either geographically or by service provider.

Each box on the map indicates the average reception within that area over the survey period. Areas showing no coverage could be the result of a single phone losing signal. The map does not take into account factors such as reduced reception while in buildings. The map is not intended to replace the service providers' own coverage maps when making a decision about taking out a mobile phone contract.

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