Flowers being taken to Diana's island grave

Palace and Spencers Agree: No HRH

Buckingham Palace has moved to end speculation that the title "Her Royal Highness" could be restored posthumously to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The idea was discussed with the Spencer family - though no offer to restore the title was made.

According to the Palace, the Spencers took the view that any such change would have been against Princess Diana's wishes.

There have been many calls from the public and media for the late Princess to be re-designated Her Royal Highness, a title she gained on marriage to the Prince of Wales.

The title was relinquished, the Palace say voluntarily, at the time of the royal divorce.

Buckingham Palace consulted the family on Saturday afternoon and says the Spencers' firm view was that the Princess herself would not have wanted any change to the style and title she had at the time of her death.

The BBC understands that the conversation took place on the Royal Train which conveyed the Spencers, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry to Northamptonshire for the the Princess's burial service.

Crucial to the discussion was Sir Robert Fellowes, who is married to Diana's sister, Lady Jane and is also the Queen's Private Secretary and principal adviser.

At the funeral on Saturday Earl Spencer had said in his tribute that the Princess "needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular brand of magic."

Lord Blake: It would not have been wise

Constitutional historian Lord Blake told the BBC such a move would have been without precedent. "It's never been done before - There's no example that I know of." he said.

"I'm by no means sure that it would have been entirely wise to do it at this juncture, afterall Princess Diana herself let it be known after the divorce that she did not want to continue as HRH."

In a separate statement on Monday 8th Lord Spencer thanked everyone who has communicated their grief to his family over Diana's death.