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Throughout the funeral, I was most deeply touched by Elton John's song and Earl Spencer's speech. They brought tears to my eyes and perhaps to millions of people around the world too. Earl Spencer was speaking from his heart and it echoed in our heart too.

I am deeply touched by reading the messages posted here on the BBC. I also found comfort and strength from the ordinary people around the world who are feeling the same pain and sorrow as I do. I hope that the Royal Family and Prince William and Harry can read these messages too.

Diana, we will always love you and miss you.

Mei Jiang, Maine, US

Princess Diana will be dearly missed. It is unfortunate how some of us were not made completely aware of her persona until her untimely death occurred. It is a unique tribute to how symbolic her life was in the eyes of the world to see how the masses identified with her, the media response and ultimately her tragic death. She has transcended into a greater than life figure with symbolic persuasion for those socially persecuted, which by all accounts covers most of us. She will be greatly missed.
Marie Frauenrath and Humphrey Pring send their condolences to the families of all three who died. This is a terrible loss. We hope that the global public's mourning for Diana will transform the anti-personnel landmine campaign into a really dynamic programme that eliminates this evil and indiscriminate weapon.
Here in the US, the Royal Family has always been seen as very traditional and somewhat stuffy. Diana, if not in life, certainly in death seems to have changed that. The people loved her for her humanity. They could relate to her and she cared. The people here in the United States have felt a special closeness to Princess Di as well.

There has never been so much talk about British government as there has been since Diana came on the scene. From the day of the wedding, I think the world knew she was someone very special. I believe everyone has a special purpose on this earth.

Maybe Princess Diana's was to bring the Monarchy to a more human level through her love and caring ways.

May God bless you Princess Diana and may God comfort your family and loved ones at this difficult time. I pray especially hard for Princes William and Harry. May they find strength in knowing what a difference their Mom made. And to Earl Spencer, God bless you for your honesty and openness in your tribute to your sister.

Peggy Kazdan, Seattle, Washington, US

If Earl Spencer represents the view of a modern United Kingdom, then it is a future that I wish to have no part of. The Monarchy has stood the test of time. Few seem to recall the Queen Mother's role as the Nazi bombs hit London. If the Earl is caring about his nephews then his remarks were made in a very untimely manner. He wishes to criticise the House of Windsor, yet fails to mention the problems brought about by Diana in her marriage. Diana was a wonderful individual and her memory will live on for a long time, yet she was a human being, and desired peace and security in a world that placed her in the limelight. Life is no fairytale, it is tough and can be crushing. As future information emerges on the terrible crash, the Press may be vindicated somewhat in direct responsibility for this tragedy. The Royal Family by being steadfast and constant may prove more durable than the reactionary rhetoric of an Earl living in South Africa. Strong language will not change the tragic loss of Diana. Compassion and love are the strongest forms for us to continue in her name.

Pastor Timothy Wagner, Croton Falls, New York, US

Although she was a British subject, I do believe we Americans loved her more - at least I know we treated her better. It hurts so much that she is gone just as she had become really ‘grown up’ and was learning to use her weakness/strength in positive ways. I was looking forward to her triumphs. Further, I am so proud that never, never in my entire life have I bought a tabloid newspaper or magazine!
Diana's funeral was heartbreaking to watch, but what a fitting tribute for such a special lady.

Earl Spencer's speech, while being controversial to some, was so obviously from the heart and so very true. Well done also to Elton John, for such a wonderful performance in such a difficult atmosphere.

Princes William and Harry were so brave, hopefully now they can be left alone to grieve for their Mother in private.

Saturday was my birthday, I didn't feel at all like celebrating and am honoured that this occasion was held on this day - Diana and I, while having so very different lives, seemed to go through much of the same emotional problems and I too have now found happiness. On future birthdays, I will always spare a thought for Diana. May she finally have the peace she deserves.

My sympathies to the Princes William and Henry, their lost is great. My agreement to the words of Earl Spencer. My hope: the future will be better. Farewell Diana, you are in peace now. Filomena, Lisboa Portugal
Please convey my deepest sympathies to the Spencer family, and by extension, to the people of Great Britain, on the tragic loss of their lovely Princess Diana. She was truly an international treasure, and the world is a sadder place without her.

Jonathan B Allen, Alexandria, VA

As an American I have searched why this young woman's death affected me the way it has. I have been to England several times and could not for the life of me understand why people would pay hard earned money to support a single family. Princess Diana's unfortunate death has answered that question. The Royal Family is the fabric that holds England together, as the fine tapestries hanging on stone walls. The people cried out for their queen as children cry out for their parents in a time of great need.

But also I feel this young princess died because she was beautiful. Her husband has done many charitable things and is very intelligent but not handsome as the Press would like. My heart dropped when I heard people in the crowd shout to William, ‘You have your mother's good looks!’

This appears to be a time of reflection. We can all ask ourselves what part we had in this awful tragedy.

Linda Marie Pillay, San Francisco, California, US

Let us not debate the speech of the Queen, or the eulogy of the brother of the Princess. What we should debate is the way the Press, in particular the paparazzi, have tortured one too many public figures. In addition, we should all take a lesson from Diana's life and return to our community in some way what we have reaped. And, finally, let us all treat William and Harry the way Diana would have wanted. That, my friends of the world, would be a lasting tribute to Diana that she would most appreciate. May she rest in peace.

John Nalewski, Massachusetts, US

Although we come from The Netherlands, we love Diana very much. We are mourning all week long, and it is not over yet! I think we will mourn all our lives, because the loss of such a lovely and warm lady is very hard to accept. She will live in our hearts forever, and we will never forget her! Princess Diana was the nicest, most warm and lovely lady we have ever met, we hope she rests in peace.

Our hearts go out for her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. We hope they can find the strength to go on.

Frans and Rob v.d. Heuvel, Leidschendam, The Netherlands

My name is Carolyn Henderson and I live in Inglewood, California , US. My heart goes out to Prince William and Prince Harry and to the Spencer family. I pray that God will comfort them in their hour of need. I hope that they will take solace in the fact that Princess Diana was loved by a multitude of people.

I applaud Earl Spencer for having the courage to say what he did.

May we continue the fight that she began.

She was a special lady and a princess. She had touched the lives of nearly half the population of this world. There will never be such an occasion for the next hundred years. Princess Diana's funeral was a very personal and also a royal occasion which no one can denied.

Our prayers are with her two sons, Princes William and Harry and also our heartfelt condolence extends to Prince Charles.

May Princess Diana's soul rest in peace in the arms of a Sovereign God whom had been her strength throughout her journey on this earth. She had found the eternal love, care and attention. God be with you Princess Diana. We all love you from our hearts.

Bernie, Malaysia


Your light will forever shine on through William and Harry. Thank God for your two sons’ sake that your brother is there to guide their way. You will never be replaced, never be forgotten and will never leave our thoughts. Thank you for your love of life, I hope that this will give us all the strength to deal with our loss. Peace at last, may God rest your soul. With much love

Liz Wright-Brown, Holland

The funeral service was truly beautiful. I could not help but cry through most of it. Princess Diana's death will be mourned worldwide for years to come. Earl Spencer's tribute to the Princess was right on. Diana was the Queen of the world's heart. We miss you, Diana.

Brooke Bunte, US

We too have felt an emptiness in our hearts with the untimely death of the Princess.

Our family would like to let you know that we hurt right along with the many other people in the world and that we will pray for the two boys to have the strength, the wisdom, the courage and the ability to make it through this hard time in their lives.

We have the Lord in our hearts and our prayers and thoughts are with you.

God bless.

The Leveske Family

I was touched by Earl Spencer's tribute to his loved sister. I found it to be very inspirational, and he voiced sentiments that I, and the world were waiting to hear. He is a very courageous person.

To the Royal Family in the aftermath, there is a lesson to be learnt. Prince William and Harry are your future.

Diana, Princess of Wales, I loved you and will miss you forever. Peace at last.

Jude Tylar

Well done Earl Spencer. Rest in Peace Diana. We love you.
My deepest heartfelt condolences to Prince William, Prince Harry and the Spencer Family on the loss of their beautiful mother, and sister. She touched the lives and hearts of many all over the world and will be sorely missed. May she finally be at peace with the Lord as she will now and forever fly with the angels.

Leigh Ann Vogel, California, US

There is a theatre in downtown Toronto named after Diana, simply called the Princess of Wales Theatre. The family that owns it are just one of many in this city and throughout the country who were touched by her graciousness and absolute charisma.

Today, flowers, photos, and gifts were being placed at the entrance to this theatre by mourners (similar to the reaction that the British public have been displaying at Kensington Palace and other royal landmarks). On the local evening news, flowers were shown at a memorial to Queen Victoria in one of our city's parks.

The UK, the Commonwealth, and indeed the entire universe has lost the only true example of class and courage from my generation.

On behalf of Canadians everywhere, thoughts are with the families and friends of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the other victims of this injustice.

Beth Dodgson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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