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East Ayrshire

The Result

Electorate: 94,383
Area (Hectares): 125,199

This area is a curious mix of pastoral beauty and industrial decay. It stretches from the Central Lowlands in the north to Loch Doon in the Southern Uplands. There is a history of heavy industry and coal mining took place in the area around Cumnock until quite recently. The region's largest town, Kilmarnock, is home to both heavy and light engineering plants, meat canning factories and the Johnnie Walker distillery.

Like most areas of central Scotland, East Ayrshire is staunchly Labour. The SNP are the only other party with any seats on the council. Although, the SNP seemed to be in position to take the constituency of Kilmarnock and Loudoun at the last election, Labour held it with a slightly increased majority.

Results of 1979 referendum:

The regions were different in 1979, East Ayrshire was part of Strathclyde.
Yes No Turnout
All Scotland 51.6% 48.3% 63.8%
Strathclyde 54% 45.9% 63.2%

ICM/Scotsman poll published on 22 August 1997:

Question: Should there be a Scottish Parliament?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 68% 21% 11%
Strathclyde 71% 16% 13%

Question:Should a Scottish Parliament have tax-varying powers?

Yes No Don't know
All Scotland 56% 36% 8%
Strathclyde 56% 36% 9%

(Total Sample Size: 1,001, Fieldwork: 19-20 August 1997)

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