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  1. Protecting South Africa's 'green gold'

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    Video caption: It's a major grower of avocados but it's facing a battle to stop them being stolen

    The thefts are estimated to be costing the farmers more than $1 million a year.

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    Video caption: ‘A horrifying 72 hours’ in St Vincent

    Musician Dan Caplen is in his homeland of Saint Vincent and shows the impact of the recent volcanic eruption.

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    Video caption: Beavers reintroduced to Dorset after 400-year absence

    The species has been extinct in the UK since the 16th century, until now.

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    Video caption: Climate Change: Carbon zero push to help 'for me and my kids'

    Firms and academics unite in the “massive challenge” to devise a "roadmap to net zero".

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    Video caption: River Dulais milk spill 'seven times more polluting than slurry'

    But no dead fish are found as 28,000 litres of milk spills into the River Dulais after tanker crash.

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    Video caption: Carbon tracking satellite network to launch this decade

    A public-private effort will send up sensors to track big releases of carbon dioxide and methane.