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    Video caption: Bolivia's 'death road' becomes wildlife haven

    Wildlife and greenery have flourished on the infamous route linking Bolivia's capital with the Amazon rainforest.

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    Video caption: How will humans fare against robo-footballers?

    Omar Mehtab visits the home of RoboCup champions Tech United to challenge them to a match.

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    Video caption: How I taught a vulture to fly with me

    Brazilian tour guide Israel Mendes adopted Urú, a vulture, after finding him in a dumpster.

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    Video caption: Campaigners call for artificial grass tax

    A new petition to the government is calling for a tax on plastic lawns to 'encourage more sustainable options'.

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    Video caption: Global warming: Alps glaciers melting faster as heatwaves hit

    Video shows meltwater flowing as data suggests glaciers may lose the most ice in at least six decades.

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    Video caption: ‘If Wildlife Aid is able to continue, then my dad lives forever.’

    One of the UK’s biggest wildlife charities has an uncertain future, as its founder has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Wildlife Aid need to raise millions to relocate.