Climate change quiz: How can you cut your carbon emissions?

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World leaders and negotiators are meeting later this month at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow to set out their latest plans to curb climate change.

Millions of lives could be affected by those large-scale decisions, but how can you play your part at home, and what changes would have the most impact?

There have been lots of studies on how individual actions can cut help cut greenhouse gases - and many of them differ - but we've based the questions below on research from University of Leeds.

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Correction 27 October: Question 3 was updated to say that the first option should be switching from a petrol car to an electric car rather than buying an electric car if you were not a car owner already, and that the reference to using public transport as much as possible is in addition to owning a petrol car.

13 December: Several averages were adjusted, including the amount of CO2 equivalent that could be cut by using public transport more frequently, which was increased from 0.6 to one tonne.

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