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This opportunity is now closed.

The BBC is looking for young people from across the UK to help tell stories about climate change.

BBC Young Reporter - Climate Stories is a talent search for 18-24 year old content creators and young people interested in working in the media who have original ideas about environment and climate change-related stories and reporting.

Selected young people will get the opportunity to work with BBC teams to produce original stories about sustainability and climate for BBC programmes and platforms before and during the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26), which takes place in Glasgow in November 2021.

The ambition is to find 22 Young Reporters from across the UK for this unique opportunity that will include getting hands-on and/or remote training with BBC staff and an individual BBC mentor to help train and support them to report and create content with the BBC.


If you are interested in this unique opportunity then you simply need to apply HERE.

We want you to tell us an outline of an original climate change story you think the BBC should be telling and which is relevant to you or the area you live. This may end up being the basis of the report you make with the BBC!

You also need to submit a piece of content that you've previously been involved in producing - it could be a video or audio clip. It doesn't have to have been published and could be something you've created for a course. Tell us know what your role was and your motivation behind making this piece.

We will be looking for stories that are unique and for strong editorial ideas that we think our audiences will be interested to know more about. We want to reflect a range of views and stories, themes and issues, as well as reflecting the diversity of the UK - particularly young people like you!

You can apply in Welsh and Gaelic too.

It's not just about your story idea. We're looking to spot people with some real talent in media and broadcasting - be that in storytelling, filming, presentation or reporting.

We may invite you to an informal interview so we can find out more about you and your previous experience and your ideas. These are likely to take place remotely not in person and are likely to be week commencing 13 September 2021.

Selected BBC Young Reporters will receive training from BBC staff, who will share their journalism and production skills with you and help you produce a report for broadcast.

The deadline for applying is Sunday 5 September 2021.

The Terms & Conditions are here.

The Privacy Notice which tells you how we will use your information is here.

You can also apply to for this opportunity in Welsh and Gaelic here and here.

BBC Young Reporter continues to offer workshops and events for schools, colleges and youth organisations. Find out more and get involved here.

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