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Dogs mirror other dogs' emotions: Your canine copycat pictures

Sleeping dogs Image copyright Helen Payne
Image caption Copying each other even in sleep? Photo: Helen Payne, Liverpool, England.

They say a dog is a man's best friend but Italian researchers suggest dogs bond with each other quite well too.

Scientists writing in the Royal Society Open Science journal suggest dogs copy each other's expressions, just like people do, showing basic signs of empathy.

But Dr John Bradshaw from the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science says more research is needed to establish if dogs are really able to sense what emotions are uppermost in the minds of other dogs.

Here are some pictures of your canine copycats.

Image copyright Stuart Arch
Image caption Definitely a mirror image here... but who is copying whom? Photo: Stuart Arch, Reading, England.
Image copyright Jan Lofthouse
Image caption Do these two have the same intense stare? Photo: Jan Lofthouse, Cobham, Surrey, England.
Image copyright Russell Hubber
Image caption Mara and Jack are either happy to admire the view or someone has just started eating lunch. Photo: Russell Hubber, Darley Dale, Derbyshire, England.
Image copyright Linda Newland
Image caption Seven perfect poodles sitting in a row... Photo: Linda Newland, Fetcham, Surrey, England.
Image copyright Jan Hunter
Image caption Are Hungarian Vizslas, Paddy and Murphy, both in agreement that this is the right spot in the garden? Photo: Jan Hunter, Driffield, East Yorkshire, England.
Image copyright Ian Nolan
Image caption These pooch pals look equally unhappy with their attire. Photo: Ian Nolan, Halton Gill, North Yorkshire.

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