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Tim Peake: What one item could you not live without on the ISS?

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Media captionBritish astronaut Tim Peake tells us five things he is taking on his mission to space.

As UK astronaut Tim Peake heads to the International Space Station (ISS), he'll have packed a few personal items to take with him.

He is allowed a 1.5kg (3lb) luggage allowance. Items he's packing include a sick bag, a book belonging to Yuri Gagarin, a flashlight and photos of his family.

What would you take with you to the ISS? Here are some of your suggestions.

Photos were a popular choice. Jennie Rigg said she would take photos of her dogs, Roxy and Spike.

Image copyright Jennie Rigg

Jennie went on to suggest that teddy bears may struggle with the g-force, although from your reaction we think a few bears might attempt the journey.

Suzie Robbo's bear, called Ted, goes everywhere with her. Janet Baldwin thought her bear would enjoy space, while the BBC's political correspondent Chris Mason favoured taking his soft toy Andrex puppy.

Image copyright Suzie Robbo

Sarah Hall was torn between the practical and the comforting:

Image copyright Twitter/Sarah Hall

Michelle Jones tweeted to say: "It's got to be tea for me." She wasn't the only one who wanted to take a favourite brew:

Image copyright Twitter/Elizabeth Henry

A few alternative suggestions came from Emily Morris, Simon Lowden and Miles Geilinger:

Image copyright Twitter/Emily Morris
Image copyright Twitter/Miles Geilinger
Image copyright Twitter/Simon Lowden

And finally another practical suggestion from a Russian tweeter who suggests food would be a good option. We hope there will be enough of that on the ISS already! Thank you for all of your suggestions.

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