Violent death in the bogs of Ireland

image captionThe headless body of Old Croghan Man was found preserved in the bog in 2003. He had died sometime between 362BC and 175BC
image captionHis well manicured hands indicate he was unused to manual labour
image captionBut experts believe he died a violent death from multiple blows and stab wounds and his torso was cut in half
image captionClonycavan Man was also found in 2003. He too is believed to be around 2,500 years old
image captionExperts found evidence of a type of pine-based gel in his hair, believed to have been imported from France or Spain
image captionBut he also suffered a violent end, having been struck three times across the head with an axe and disembowelled
image captionCashel bog in Co Laois where the latest remains were discovered in 2011
image captionThe bog is a busy place with machines such as this one, harvesting the peat
image captionCashel Man is in a very compressed state and many parts are missing. Carbon dating suggests he is 4,000 years old
image captionSome features such as his backbone are clearly visibly despite being buried under the peat for so long
image captionThe one distinctive arm shows evidence of a deep cut from an axe or sword
image captionWhile the body has been carbon dated, a range of other scientific tests are now being carried out to learn more about the remains