Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012

Fireflies dancing beneath the stars, the last transit of Venus for 105 years and giant swirling galaxies deep in space. The 2012 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition has produced some awe-inspiring images.

Take a journey through the night sky with two of the nine judges - Chris Lintott who is best known as co-presenter of the BBC's The Sky at Night, and Olivia Johnson from the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

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The best images are on show at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, London, until 5 February 2013. Admission free.

All images subject to copyright. Click bottom right for image information. Music by KPM Music and Owl City.

Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 20 September 2012.


Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2012

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Sky at Night Magazine

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