An avalanche of questions for #AskHawking

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Wow! What a fantastic response.

I know Professor Hawking is that rare thing - a scientist who has transcended the boundaries of academia and entered the public consciousness - but even so the reaction to our "call out" for questions has been overwhelming.

At the turn of the last century Lord Kelvin famously said we were nearing the limits of what there was to know. All that was left was ever more precise measurement. Well, it seems there are plenty of you out there who disagree. There are still a great many questions for physics to answer.

It's an eclectic mix, from the practical - What would be the impact on Einstein's theory of relativity if the neutrino is confirmed to be able to travel faster than the speed of light? - to the philosophical: Was there a "time" when there was "nothing"?

The humorous: When should I start talking to my kids about the wave-particle duality of light? - to the personal: If I could tell a 12-year-old Stephen Hawking all he would achieve, would he be as impressed as the rest of us?

You can see a compilation of the best on our website although there are so many we may have to convene our own scientific symposium to get through them.

Now there's an idea...