Three steps to build a wind farm: Towers in the sea

From bottom to top - David Shukman climbs all the way up the inside of the turbine, and finds out what it's like to work offshore.

Starting at the bottom

Science correspondent David Shukman heads out to the Irish Sea and begins his ascent of a towering wind turbine.

Science correspondent David Shukman begins his ascent of one of the towering turbines

Inside the turbine

Science correspondent David Shukman describes the exhausting climb to reach the top of a wind turbine.

David Shukman describes his exhausting journey to reach the top of the turbine by ladder

The view at the top

After an exhausting ascent, science correspondent David Shukman describes the view from the top of a wind turbine

Science correspondent David Shukman climbs one of the towering turbines, and describes the spectacular view from the top

The engineer's story

Turbine service engineer Glyn Bolton reveals what it is like to work at an offshore wind farm

"As long as you don't get seasick it's brilliant," service engineer Glyn Bolton talks to science correspondent David Shukman about working on the wind farm


Figures only include installation of the wind farm not its manufacture.

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