The Salon

Every haircut tells a story

From Beirut to Tokyo, London to Johannesburg, a simple haircut can spark conversations about race, sexuality, age, class and dreams.

Step inside these salons to eavesdrop on some surprising, moving, funny and frank stories.

Duration: 1:13

Tokyo: A tale with a tail

Mami, Dai and Mini the dog
Duration: 2:59

Department store worker Mami goes to a salon where her dog Mini can get a trim at the same time. But Mami's love for her pet masks a story of longing.

Beirut: Curly-haired rebellion

Miriam and Houssam
Duration: 2:44

Miriam is colouring her naturally curly hair a deep red. It's an act of minor rebellion in Lebanon where the style is for ultra-glamorous sleek, straight hair - and plastic surgery to match.

Manchester: First cut since chemo

Daniele and Graeme
Duration: 3:11

When Daniele lost her hair during chemotherapy, her altered appearance challenged her sense of identity. It was a painful experience for Daniele and her hairdresser husband Graeme.

One of the first things I thought was, ‘Oh my God, I'm going to lose my hair' Daniele

London: Natural with a twist

CeCe and Pearl
Duration: 3:17

In London, Cameroonian CeCe explains to stylist Pearl why she wants a natural hairstyle to show the world she is African. But the definition of "natural" is up for debate.

Johannesburg: Township styling

Duration: 2:21

Zimbabwean Sharon has set up a salon in a shipping container in her shanty town community in Johannesburg. She has plenty of clients but life as a migrant worker is tough.

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