What does it mean to be a good girl?

Young women all over the world feel pressured to fit in with society's expectations. From Siberia to Syria, six teenagers tell us what it means to be a 'good girl' and also reveal what their lives are really like.

Massiel Chávez

"This is the first step into adulthood"

Massiel Chávez, 15, is in her third year of secondary school in Venezuela. She's an avid user of Snapchat and Instagram who wants to be a veterinarian. She had a lavish 15th birthday party, which is traditional in many parts of Latin America, as it is considered the moment when young girls mark the start of adulthood.

For Massiel, this party marked the moment when she could, finally, decide when to wear make-up and go out with friends by herself. Although she admits becoming an adult brings new expectations and responsibilities.

Massiel, Venezuela
Massiel just turned 15
Massiel shows off her dress for the first time

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Lubov Russkina

"Everyone has deserted us"

Amira - not her name as she can't be identified for security reasons - is 15 and lives in a rebel held area outside Damascus. She's seen first-hand the horror of the Syrian civil war. Her family, as many others, lost their house after suffering fierce bombings by the government security forces.

She wishes she could go to school (which is in a basement) every day, but sometimes the risk of shelling or barrel bombs makes it almost impossible. Her dream is to become a lawyer to defend women and children's rights.

Amira, Syria
Scenes of destruction are common for Amira
Many areas near Damascus ar every conservative and women tend to be fully covered

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Lubov Russkina

"I don't have time to use the internet"

Lubov Russkina is 22 years old and lives in Surgut, Siberia. She's part of a nomad reindeer tribe that has been in the area since ancient times. Lubov wishes she could have finished her studies before she got married.

She's very proud of her community's traditions and is very keen to keep them alive. She's tried living in urban areas, but says she can't stand the noise.

Lubov, Russia
Lubov loves to ride on her snowmobile
Sowing is important for Siberian nomad women

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Ayesha Ishtiaq

"If you put your hair up, you're a good girl"

Ayesha Ishtiaq is 17, lives in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is in the final year of secondary school. She describes herself as "extremely passionate" about studying gender roles and dealing with the sexism present in society.

She has been writing poems about these issues since she was in her first years of primary school. She considers Taylor Swift and Emma Watson as role models.

Ayesha, Pakistan
Ayesha asked her friends on social media what they thought a good girl was
For some in Pakistan a good girl should be a 'quiet' person

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Delaney Osborne

"We don't have to give up our dreams"

Delaney Osborne is 17 and is expecting her first child in April. Both she and her boyfriend of three years are looking forward to becoming parents. Delaney lives with her mum and still goes to school.

She likes to tend to her horse, which has helped her through some difficult times in the past. They live in a little village out of Madison, Wisconsin.

Delaney, USA
Delaney went with her mother to buy a pram for the baby
Delaney and her boyfriend, who's the father of the baby

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Naomi Bya'Ombe

"We're only being prepared for marriage"

Naomi Bya'Ombe is 15 years old and lives in the capital of DR Congo, Kinshasa. She likes singing, dancing and watching TV. Naomi is the fifth of seven siblings (4 girls and 3 boys). She also lives with two of her cousins.

She is currently finishing secondary school and next year she will have her diploma. Naomi loves singing in her church choir every Sunday.

Naomi, DR Congo
Naomi thinks school is very important
Naomi shows one of her pictures on social media

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Produced by Vladimir Hernandez, Laura Cantadori, James Offer and Punit Shah.

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