Crossing the border

These photographs of the Mexico-US border - and the migrant workers trying to cross it - were taken in October 2016.

They're the work of Italian photographer Alessandro Grassani.

Many of the photos are taken in the Mexican border town of Tijuana: “I was able to get much closer there because drugs cartels were not in charge of smuggling people.”

Among Grassani's subjects were a large group of Central Americans, walking hundreds of miles from homes in Guatemala and Honduras to the US:

“They were very strong at the beginning, walking like crazy. I spent four days with them – day by day you could see them getting tired because they had no food, nothing with them.”

It’s the first part of a photographic project looking at walls all over the world.

Grassani intends to travel across Europe and to the India-Bangladesh border:

“There are 63 [border] walls in the world today. In 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, there were 15 – so we can say that modern society is building walls between nations.”