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  1. Is the package really worth £37bn?

    Reality Check

    The chancellor told MPs:

    Quote Message: In total the measures I’ve announced today provide support worth £15bn – combined with the plans we’ve already announced that means we are supporting families with the cost of living with £37bn

    There are some questions about the £22bn valuation of the package announced previously.

    For example, the £22bn included raising the point at which people have to start paying National Insurance which is a big tax cut, but not the amount taken away through other tax measures.

    The Institute for Fiscal Studies points out that freezing income tax thresholds costs households about £3bn while the increase in the rate of National Insurance for employees and the self-employed costs them about £7bn, so suggests that at least £10bn should have been taken off the figure.

    The £22bn figure (and thus the £37bn figure) also includes the freeze on alcohol duty, which the government says will save people £3bn over the next five years.

  2. What are Texas's gun laws?

    Reality Check

    Texas has long had some of America’s least restrictive gun laws, but under Governor Greg Abbott, it has relaxed them even further.

    Last year the state passed a law which allowed people to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, although people still need a licence to carry guns in most schools or colleges.

    The official minimum age to buy a handgun in Texas is 21, but you can buy a rifle (like the AR-15 used in the Uvalde school shooting) at 18.

    Texas law also allows 18 to 21-year-olds to request to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer if they feel under threat, for example, from family violence or stalking.

    Private businesses can prohibit the carrying of guns on their premises, but another recently introduced law in Texas bans government agencies from signing contracts with businesses that “discriminate against the firearm industry”.

    Governor Abbott has also signed a law which forbids local officials from enforcing new, more restrictive, federal gun rules.

    According to the gun control advocacy group Giffords, Texas is in the bottom category (F) for states with the highest levels of gun deaths and least restrictive gun laws.

  3. Is Johnson right to say July will see biggest tax cut in 10 years?

    Reality Check

    Earlier today at Prime Minister's Questions, Boris Johnson told MPs: “In July, we will have the biggest tax cut for 10 years, £330 cuts for 30 million people who are paying national insurance contributions.”

    The £330 cut he is talking about is because the point at which people start paying National Insurance is rising from earnings of £9,570 to £12,570 a year.

    The Treasury says this – along with a plan to cut income tax in 2024 – will be the biggest tax “giveaway” since 1995.

    But – if you look beyond these measures - the reductions are actually smaller than the increases in taxes the chancellor announced in the previous year.

    And the government’s independent forecaster the Office for Budget Responsibility says the overall tax burden is going to rise from 33% of GDP (a measure of the size of the economy) in 2019-20 to 36.3% of GDP in 2026-27.

    This would be the highest since the late 1940s.

    You can read more about it here.