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  1. What more is Labour calling for?

    Reality Check

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called for a wider inquiry into lobbying and the contact between the government and former prime minister David Cameron about the finance firm Greensill Capital.

    Boris Johnson has asked Nigel Boardman, a government lawyer, to conduct a review by the end of June, looking into the development and use of so-called supply chain finance schemes (the things Greensill was involved with) in government, and especially the role of Greensill Capital and its founder.

    The government says that Mr Boardman will have access to all the information he needs.

    But the investigation has no power of sanction and no legal force.

    Labour is calling instead for a committee of government and opposition MPs to be set up, which will take a broader look at the lobbying of ministers and will have the power to summon and question witnesses in public.

    You can read more about the affair here.

  2. Did Labour want to get rid of the lobbying laws?

    Reality Check

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed Labour “campaigned” at the last general election to get rid of the rules on lobbying.

    In 2019, Labour’s manifesto did say: “We will free the voices of civil society by repealing the Lobbying Act 2014 and overhauling the rules that govern corporate lobbying.”

    But that came in a section about tackling vested interests, that also pledged to:

    • Introduce a lobbying register covering contacts with all senior government employees, not just ministers
    • Stop MPs taking paid second jobs, except if they need to maintain professional registrations - such as for nurses
    • Replace the business appointments committee ACOBA with a better-funded and more powerful body