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Wales Results

Welsh Assembly Results
Party Welsh Labour Plaid Cymru Welsh Conservative UKIP Wales Welsh Liberal Democrat
Seats 29 12 11 7 1
Change −1 +1 −3 +7 −4

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Latest headlines

  1. Labour win 29 seats - but fall short of a majority
  2. UKIP wins its first seats in the Assembly
  3. Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood ousts Labour in Rhondda
  4. Mapping the election - see party vote share by constituency across Wales

Vale of Glamorgan

Welsh Assembly constituency Region - South Wales Central
Result: LAB HOLD


Party Candidates Votes % Net percentage change in seats


Welsh Labour

Candidates Jane Hutt Votes 14,655 38.8% Net percentage change in seats −8.6


Welsh Conservative

Candidates Ross England Votes 13,878 36.7% Net percentage change in seats +0.7


Plaid Cymru

Candidates Ian Johnson Votes 3,871 10.2% Net percentage change in seats −1.9


UKIP Wales

Candidates Lawrence Andrews Votes 3,662 9.7% Net percentage change in seats +9.7


Welsh Liberal Democrat

Candidates Denis Campbell Votes 938 2.5% Net percentage change in seats −2.1


Wales Green Party

Candidates Alison Haden Votes 794 2.1% Net percentage change in seats +2.1

Turnout and Majority

Welsh Labour Majority




Vote share

Party %
Welsh Labour 38.8
Welsh Conservative 36.7
Plaid Cymru 10.2
UKIP Wales 9.7
Welsh Liberal Democrat 2.5

Vote share change since 2011

UKIP Wales
Welsh Conservative
Plaid Cymru
Welsh Liberal Democrat
Welsh Labour

Constituency Profile

The Vale of Glamorgan is a constituency in south Wales between Cardiff and Bridgend which takes in the Glamorgan coastline.

It is a diverse constituency which takes in the town of Barry, once the largest coal port in the world, and the more affluent and rural town of Cowbridge. Barry itself is the constituency's largest population centre and is the fifth largest locality in Wales. Although many people commute to Cardiff for work, the area is the home of Cardiff International Airport which is a major employer. Recent figures put the unemployment rate in the area at 6.1%, compared to 5.5% for the UK as a whole. The seat has been held by Labour's Jane Hutt since 1999, but with very slim majorities in 1999 and 2007.

In 2011, Ms Hutt won with 47.4% of the vote, compared to 36% for the Conservatives, 12.1% for Plaid Cymru, and 4.5% for the Liberal Democrats. She had a majority of 3,775.

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